Blown Away

Our world is nothing but energy in various forms. Everything in life has been formed by an explosion of some sort, from the Big Bang, to particle collisions.

Blown Away covers the good, bad and the ugly of explosions, and how they have shaped our world – for better or worse – and how we can help them shape our future. Three Texan friends, inquisitive bombshell Beth, chemist Matt and historian Rex, explore one mind-blowing topic at a time, through science and history and loads of experiments. They explore everything from kinetic energy, cannons, TNT, landmines, rockets, medieval weapons to modern day bombs and natural catastrophes like Mt. Krakatoa, as well as disastrous ‘man-made’ explosions at sites like Chernobyl or Halifax. We go into the history, rebuild explosions and try to understand exactly how they worked… This is a science show that will literally blow you away!

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