Call Joe Brat

Our team has just returned from a busy MIPTV market in Cannes, where they showcased our latest slate to the global broadcast & streaming content industry. They had several great meetings which should see our content continuing to find exciting new homes on international platforms. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing these great new shows – starting with Call Joe Brat.

Call Joe Brat

Joe is the quintessential street-smart Irish / Italian New Yorker, who is a real-life fixer and private investigator. With decades in the game, Joe is one of the most in-demand Investigators in NYC. With his shrewd eye for suspicious activity, a huge heart and fearless spirit, know that this big guy won’t go down without a fight.

From a young age Joe was thrown in the deep end of the underworld, having seen John Gotti murder his father in front of him on the family driveway. The traumatic experience led Joe to turn his life around and move away from the mafia world. Now, Joe has dedicated his life to being an investigator who takes on cases to help those in need. Based in Staten Island, Joe and his team operate in the shadows and go right to the heart of the streets.

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