From Scratch heads to the Americas

Our hard-working NV Studios team producing international food documentary series From Scratch made the 7th stop on their global tour in Mexico – in Tequila, to be exact.

Host David Moscow and the team visited the Jimadores, the true legends behind the iconic drink, who work incredibly hard and apply generations’ worth of knowledge in tending and harvesting the Agave plant, and producing the noble drink which takes its name from the area.

Showrunner Graeme Swanepoel says it was truly humbling to work alongside the Jimadores and admire their ancient traditions. “It’s inspiring to document the work of people who are so passionate about what they do – and who will continue to share the knowledge their forebears passed on to them, with many, many generations to come,” he says.

Created by Moscow and his wife Karen, From Scratch is an exploration of where our food comes from, helping us understand more about what we put in our bodies. With so much everyday food processed, canned, and prepared for our convenience, there’s no real connection to the actual source. With more conscious eating becoming more prevalent – think ‘farm-to-table’ or ‘eating local’, there’s an increased interest in how our consumption habits affect the planet, and humankind as a whole. The series uncovers the realities of food production today, the history of our food and the science behind it through interviews with experts across various fields.

From Scratch starts airing in North America this month.

Here’s a gallery of images of the NV Studios team on location in Tequila.

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