From Scratch soaks up the Sardinia Sun

The NV Studios team producing international food documentary series From Scratch has continued their global travels with a stop in Sardinia.

Host David Moscow and the team hopped over to Sardinia where they sampled the best produce from the island, harvesting golden honey and exploring the crystal blue Mediterranean for some of the world’s best seafood to help David put together his next sustainable dish – literally from scratch.

Showrunner Graeme Swanepoel says that Sardinia was a culture shock and a culinary adventure. “Our team was blown away by the history and rich texture of this unique place. An amazing journey filled with some serious close calls and a substantial amount of adventure”.

Created by Moscow and his wife Karen, From Scratch is an exploration of where our food comes from, helping us understand more about what we put in our bodies. With so much everyday food processed, canned, and prepared for our convenience, there’s no real connection to the actual source. With more conscious eating becoming more prevalent – think ‘farm-to-table’ or ‘eating local’, there’s an increased interest in how our consumption habits affect the planet, and humankind as a whole. The series uncovers the realities of food production today, the history of our food and the science behind it through interviews with experts across various fields.

From Scratch starts airing in North America on A&E Networks in October 2019, with worldwide distribution – managed by NV Studios – to follow.

Here’s a gallery of images of the NV Studios team on location in Sardinia

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