Global Wheeling

On the back of two previous, highly-successful seasons of the show, which aired on, amongst others, Discovery, Kayden Kleinhans has partnered up with NV Studios, to take Season 3 to new heights.

Join Kayden as he cycles around the globe on a journey of exploration and adventure. To date, he has cycled over 60 000 km to raise awareness about the dangers of carbon emissions. With a grueling road ahead of him, he documents the entire process.

His two latest trips take up a full season each, and promise to be nothing but pure adventure…


Kayden’s journey follows the Mekong River as it snakes its way through one of the most enchanting parts of the Far East. From its source high up in the Tibetan Plateau, through China, along the borders of Burma, Laos and Thailand this South-East Asian life force – and the 12th largest river in the world – finally empties out into the South China Sea as it becomes the dragon with nine tails, branching into the delta in Southern Vietnam.


The Middle East has a reputation for being one of the most volatile and dangerous parts of the planet – but is it, really? Venturing into a corner of the globe that’s rarely visited by travelers, combining Iran, Iraq and Turkey, Kayden crosses thousands of carbon-free kilometres, through the places many travelers fear to tread.

Follow this two-wheeled journey through the heart of the Middle East as Kayden discovers on-the-ground truths about this mystical region. From the one of the world’s biggest conflict zones, he heads north into Turkey’s capital Istanbul on a mission to find the gateway to Europe and the iconic bridge that divides East and West.

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