Make It Out Alive

There are millions of acres of wilderness on Earth and every year, millions of people enter the wild to explore all that this planet has to offer – but each year, thousands of people go missing in the wild and many are never heard from, again.

These are the stories of those who survived against all odds for days, weeks, or even months, out in the foreboding wild. The men and women who share their stories in Make It Out Alive were faced with every danger of the wild, from frostbite and hypothermia, to dehydration and starvation, to being stalked by predators lurking in the shadows. We’ll hear from both experienced outdoorspeople and novice explorers to highlight the fact that these ordeals could happen to anyone.

Blending clif-hanging beats, cinematic recreations, personal interviews, extraordinary sound design and real archive footage from news items about their disappearance – and subsequent rescue – the show illustrate the lengths people will go to when they are lost deep in the wild, or just how they managed to Make It Out Alive.

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