NV Studios’ Third Scripted Series Takes Shape

NV Studios and Australian production & development company Roadshow Rough Diamond have joined forces to develop series Molly’s Vice.

Molly’s Vice is inspired by the actual life of convicted MDMA manufacturer Steve Spaliviero, from his autobiography, Narco X. A young Australian auto mechanic finds wealth, love and adventure as a high-flying career criminal in

Los Angeles, until he is forced to manufacture massive quantities of MDMA in order to avoid prison and stay alive – unwittingly kick-starting a hair-raising, heart wrenching, coming-of-age adventure as an unlikely career criminal.

The show spans the two eras leading up to the millennium. Steve’s home base is Newport, California, and his exploits as a car thief take him as far as Vegas. Later entanglements in the geopolitics of America’s war on drugs take the action to Europe, Asia and beyond.

NV Studios and Roadshow Rough Diamond will initially work together on development of the show from their offices in Los Angeles and Australia, before working together to produce the series itself.

Roadshow Rough Diamond was founded by John and Dan Edwards with the aim of making high quality global television drama with high quality people and the development of new talent. They have made the Logie and AACTA award winning mini-series Romper Stomper for Stan, Australian Gangster for Seven and Les Norton for the ABC. John has made over 600 hours of television drama with 38 production credits to his name, commissioned or broadcast across all major networks and platforms. His productions are industry leading with 31 Logie Awards, and 41 AFI/AACTA Awards, 8 ASTRA awards, 2 New York Festival Awards, and 2 Golden Globe nominations.

Molly’s Vice marks NV Studios’ third foray into the scripted world, with development and production set to be overseen by NV Studios CEO Damien Brown and Development Executive Witney Tucker in the company’s Los Angeles office. “We’re delighted to partner with a powerhouse team like Roadshow Rough Diamond in developing and producing our third scripted series,” says Brown. “Our combined know-how – coupled with the intriguing and action-packed story of Steve Spaliviero – is going to deliver an incredibly powerful series, in Molly’s Vice”.

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