we make it happen

NV Studios is a firm believer in the enormous contribution that Africa can offer the world’s film industry. While continuing South Africa’s tradition as a cost-effective locations for Television and motion picture productions, NV Studios simultaneously raises the bar on production quality in South Africa.

We produce entertainment brands which are shown around the world. With a proven track record for genuine innovation and a real understanding of what inspires audiences. Our programmes reach international audiences in all television territories.



we've got a global reach

Our ambition is to be the partner of choice for independent producers. We provide each title with its own tailored campaign, and use the strength of our powerful international sales network to roll it out internationally. Increasingly, our teams are working with emerging platform owners to make our shows available whenever (and wherever) audiences want them.We offer broadcasters an eclectic mix of enthralling entertainment shows through to edge-of-your-seat dramas and laugh-out-loud comedies; from mesmerising documentaries, to enticing lifestyle titles.



your ideas into reality

NV Studios not only produces and distributes television content but is able to assist independent producers with financing for their project. Should you need finance in order to bring your ideas to life, NV Studios can make this happen. With an expert panel of advisors on it’s board, NV Studios will first vet the salability of the idea. Once the idea has been vetted and the executive committee approve, the financing needs can be addressed.