The Ruch Life


The Ruch Life follows the ups and downs of NASCAR racer, Angela Ruch, as she slugs her way around the track in one of the world’s toughest sporting arenas – while juggling a seemingly picture-perfect, jet-setting home life with successful businessman husband, Mike. If you live in the Ruch household, you live life in the fast lane. Spontaneous trips, high-end luxuries, and family feuding are all part of the emotional roller coaster of their everyday.

In the next chapter of their lives, Angela and Mike embark on not one, but TWO new journeys: helping Angela resurrect a professional racing career AND adopting a new child. Torn between their old carefree, money-dropping lifestyle and the responsibility of their new futures, it’s an adrenaline filled journey that will push Mike and Angela to their limits. Is Mike ready to let go of his life of luxury and partying? Can Angela handle the self-inflicted pressures of balancing a budding new career and the ups and downs of the adoption process? Will they finally start the family of their dreams?

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